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Car Accident Lawyer Serving Queens, NY

Car accidents can cause a host of issues for you. Whether you suffer from whiplash, head injuries, broken bones, or cuts and abrasions, your medical bills may be high. Plus, you may have to repair your car and miss time from work, and you might have psychological damages. You should never shoulder the responsibility to pay for these setbacks if the accident wasn’t your fault.

A car accident attorney from Yakov Mushiyev & Associates can help. We know how to gather evidence, build your legal case, prove who was at fault, and negotiate to help you get the most compensation possible. We serve Queens, NY, and the surrounding area, so give us a call after your accident.

Trust Our Experienced Team

We have been around for years, and we always treat our clients with the utmost respect. Our personalized services and attention make you feel valued and cared for, and we do everything we can to get you the money you need to heal.

If you need a professional car accident lawyer to help you recover in a stress-free way, you’ve come to the right place. Contact our team today to start the process. We are excited to work with you.