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Yakov Mushiyev & Associates, P.C. in Rosedale, NY is here to protect the rights of consumers who have been injured by defective products.

Products Liability

Have You Been Injured by a Defective Product?

Defective products pose a considerable amount of danger as they cause injuries to a lot of consumers every single year. By definition, a product is considered defective if it contains a manufacturing or design imperfection. A product can also be classified as defective if it does not contain adequate warnings or instructions.

If your purchased product performs in a substandard manner but does not cause an injury, you can get a refund, exchange it, or review the warranty coverage. However, if it proves to be unreasonably dangerous and causes actual physical harm, then you have legitimate grounds to take legal action against the manufacturer.

To give you a clearer picture of the defective products law, we will provide you with
a concise summary of every type of product defect claim.

Design Defects

This type of defect is an issue with the product’s actual design, making it either dangerous or useless. For instance, if a bicycle manufacturer has designed cables that break apart whenever the brakes are applied, that is considered a design defect.

Manufacturer Defects

This type of defect primarily occurs in the manufacturing state due to either carelessness or the use of low-quality materials. If a car has a faulty accelerator that can cause a serious road accident, it is a clear example of a manufacturing defect.

Warning Defects

Products that pose any kind of threat or danger should have a clear written warning. For example, if a water heater that is prone to overheating after hours of use did not have a visible warning message, then that product is considered to be defective.


Legal Aspects of Defective Products

This law offers consumers a legal avenue to file a lawsuit if they have been harmed by a substandard product. The most common basis when pursuing a claim would be the negligence of the retailer or manufacturer. If you can prove that the offending party breached a standard during the manufacturing phase, then you have sufficient grounds for a lawsuit.

Trust our firm to pursue all possible legal avenues so that you can get justly paid. Contact us today so that we can schedule a consultation regarding your case.