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Slip and Fall Attorney Near Brooklyn, NY

A slip and fall may seem like a standard event, but if you were seriously hurt due to your fall on someone else’s property, you may not need to cover your own medical bills. Yakov Mushiyev & Associates, P.C., is a law firm in the boroughs, so if you want a local slip and fall attorney to take care of your case in Brooklyn, NY, or the surrounding area, contact us today.

Discover Negligence

Negligence is the main tenet that your case will hang on to, but you may have difficulty determining just who, exactly, was the negligent party. For example, if you fell on private property, you may think the owner of the property is at fault. However, if they knew about a problem and hired a company to fix it but the company failed to show up, then you may need to pursue the repair company instead.

At Yakov Mushiyev & Associates, P.C., we will delve deep into your case and help you determine who is responsible for your fall. Our clients are important to us, so we do our best to ensure that you are taken care of every step of the way, from choosing who to sue to fighting the case in court or even to settling with the guilty party.

Contact our team to learn more about your slip and fall lawyer options.