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Construction Accidents

Have You Been Injured in a Construction Site?

There is no doubt that construction workers experience significantly more work-related injuries compared to other laborers. The incidence of construction site-related accidents is nothing short of alarming. Workers who have been involved in accidents have to endure bodily injuries, medical bills, and lost income due to inability to work.

If you have sustained injuries in a construction site, you should not hold yourself personally responsible if that was not the case. Some factors that can result in a construction site accident are falling objects, defective equipment, lack of safety gear,
as well as inadequate training.

Here are some of the most common types of accidents that happen in construction sites:

Slips and Falls

Most construction workers have to work high above the ground, particularly on ladders, scaffolding, and roofs. Falling from these heights can result in serious injuries or even death. In addition, workers may also slip because of uneven grounds, holes, and debris.

Burns and Electrocutions

Leaking gases, faulty electrical wires, and defective piping may cause fires and explosions in a construction site. Additionally, unfinished electrical systems and exposed wiring put construction workers at serious risk of electrocution.

Hazardous Objects

Construction workers are constantly exposed to the possibility of getting hit by falling materials and debris, such as beams and rocks. Apart from getting hit by objects, workers also face the risk of getting stuck in between fallen debris or immovable tools and machinery.


Legal Aspects of Construction Injuries

Construction workers who get into accidents could face injuries to the head, neck, back, and extremities. In some cases, accidents could even prove to be fatal.

Whenever construction mishaps occur, people should not automatically pin the blame on the worker. Most of the time, these accidents result from the negligence of construction companies, suppliers, or third parties.

Although a workers’ compensation claim will aid your pursuit of justice, it may not be sufficient to cover the actual damages you have sustained. Filing a lawsuit is necessary so that all of your accident-related expenses and lost income can be fully accounted for.

Our personal injury firm can conduct an extensive investigation to determine who is responsible for the accident that occurred. Once the offending party has been identified, we can file a case with the objective of securing maximum compensation. You deserve to be paid for the ordeal you have experienced, and we will exert all efforts to make that happen.

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